14 Icebreaker Games to Start Your Virtual Meetings off Right

Use a poll for the group to vote on which is the lie. Everyone loves food and they tend to have strong opinions about it so this should generate some lively debate. Have everyone bring a typical dish from their country or region and let them share their screen to show it to the group. Then, they explain why they love it and/or why it’s popular in their country. Get volunteers to share the last picture they took (nothing too NSFW!). They can send it through the team chat or show it in the meeting and tell the story behind it. Use the Livestorm emoji reactions feature to see their responses in a fun way.

What are Zoom icebreakers?

Zoom icebreakers are games, questions or activities that encourage discussion and facilitate conversation among team members. These games help teammates feel more comfortable with each other.

An ice breaker is a meeting activity that is meant to help foster a sense of community and build rapport between colleagues, students, or group members. Online team-building games are fun and social – they encourage interaction among coworkers and help bring back the camaraderie of a physical office. It’s the ultimate team bonding experience – if your teammates love a good game, they’re going to be fans. There are plenty of escape room platforms out there, for example, Escape Live. You can choose from various different session types or themes. When was the last time you randomly bumped into someone in a hallway in your office and shared a good chat with them?

Here are 21 virtual meeting ice breakers to try.

Get your virtual chat into Brady Bunch mode so you can see everyone’s faces. Have players hold up their hand with their fingers stretched out, and call on one person to start. Surprisingly, you can use it for a productive team building activity for your large teams. If you can’t meet in person, then this method is a great way to mimic in-person interaction. Fun, engaging, and designed to get your team hungry to know more about each other, Waffles vs Pancakes is one of our all-time favorite icebreakers. Designed to bring back childhood memories of our nostalgic teenage years, this icebreaker game is designed to help people bond over deep and meaningful memories.

They have to describe the image for the other person to draw on a virtual whiteboard. Discover tips and advice about building engaging events. Everyone has a story of something they were forced to do that took way too long and was way too embarrassing. Google Drive is directly integrated into Butter, making it easy to share and collaborate live on Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The time-boxed Agenda helps you plan every activity and tool—so you can present smoothly. “This activity helps to set a learning tone and a more open mindset.

Share Your Ideal Self

We like this ice breaker activity because essentially it kills two birds with one stone. It’s a good idea because you get to give a motivating and inspiring speech to your employees, whilst also introducing a fun and exciting ice breaker to Zoom meetings. Check out our handy guide to the 10 best ice breaker games for large groups. These ideas work with groups of anywhere from 10 to 100+ people. Want to check in with your group but don’t want to get caught up in a time-consuming game? Draw Your Mood is a unique, creative way of gauging employee moods before a virtual meeting.

icebreakers for large virtual meetings

In this virtual charades game, participants will compete to see who can guess the most target words and phrases. With no talking allowed, players will have to get creative with their moves to communicate the clue to their teammates. If you’re like most people, you’ve taken up baking in quarantine. Have everyone share what they’ve been boredom-baking as a Zoom meeting ice breaker.

The Question Game

This is great for brainstorming, getting a read of the room, and more. icebreakers for virtual meetings Breaking the ice with a large group can be tough — but it’s worth it!

  • To browse our entire collection of icebreaker templates, check out the Butter Template Gallery.
  • So you may be wondering what exactly an icebreaker is.
  • Why do we need ice breaker questions for virtual meetings, you ask?

There are thousands of topics and questions available online that you can use straight away. Make sure to use colorful and interactive templates to grab the participant’s attention and improve engagement. Plenty of AhaSlides Free Trivia Quizzes from general to specific topics are available in our Public library, you are free to use them. Any team bonding needs some music to cheer up the atmosphere.

What is a Virtual Water Cooler & How to Set One Up

Break it down and break the ice with a dance party Shake out the brain cobwebs before a meeting by having a fast dance party. If Doug from accounting doing the worm doesn’t break the ice, nothing will.

icebreakers for large virtual meetings

When your employees take part in a virtual icebreaker, they will feel more comfortable and willing to speak up. Pick some of these easy icebreaker questions below to start a virtual meeting off the right way. The Name That Tune game is a classic team building icebreaker that can be easily adapted to work with large groups. Teams of employees compete to see who can correctly identify the most songs in a timed competition.

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